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U $75.99

Mondor "Kristabelle" Skating Dress 2750


U $75.99

Mondor Fleece Jacket 4483


U $79.99

Mondor "Lily" Skating Dress 12912


Ice fly
U $639.99

Edea Ice Fly Figure Skating Boot White


Ice Dreamz
U $59.99

Ice Dreamz Insert Only


Excel skate
U $119.99

Jackson Excel Figure Skates Black Youth


Aston Dress -046
U $134.99

Jerry's Aston Dress -046


U $79.99

Mondor "Spanish Nights" Skating Dress 12908


xp 1543
U $159.99

Elite Xpression 1543 "Fanciful"

Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating Ltd. was established in 1998 to bring you the most up-to-date figure skating dresses and apparel, custom skating dresses, ice skates, recreational and professional competition figure skates. Though we are physically located in Vancouver, BC Canada, our figure skating products are also for sale through our online store.

We specialize in figure skates and ice skates for children, boys and girls ice skates and figure skates for men and women. As authorized distributors for top brands, we have a wide selection of Jackson figure skates, Edea, Riedell, Gam, Risport, SP-Teri, and Graf skates, boots, and blades.

We also offer a full range of men’s figure skating pants and outfits, and ladies skating dresses in various styles and price points from such brands as Jerry’s and Elite Expressions. We also have accessories such as skate covers, blade guards, leg warmers, gloves, and the popular Zuca skating bags.

Unlike most other online figure skating stores, we offer a full skate sharpening and waterproofing service for any skates you order. We have many special clearance figure skates and ice skates in stock and send them out fully waterproofed and sharpened and ready to use on the ice skating rink.